We hope the show will offer something of interest to those already involved with showing donkeys and those new to the world of donkey showing.

Classes are open to all donkey owners whether they are DBS members or not.

The Wiltshire Donkey Show is affiliated to the Donkey Breed Society (DBS) and is held in accordance with DBS rules.

Please read the relevant show rules and regulations

Entries £6.00 includes membership of the Wiltshire Donkey Show for that class and entry for the Wiltshire Donkey Show High Points Award.

Closing date for all entries: August 18th 2018.

Wiltshire Donkey Show: Donkey High Point Award:

Donkeys will be awarded points as follow:

For classes of four or more donkeys, first place will receive 4 points, with remaining places receiving one less point in descending order. For classes of less than four donkeys, first place will receive points equal to the number of donkeys in the class, with the remaining donkeys receiving one less point in descending order.

The Donkey High Point Award will be awarded to the donkey with the most points at the end of the Show.

Classes 2018

Ring 1: Judge: Mrs Hazel Woodbridge

10.00 am start
1. Pleasure Driving, open to singles and multiples
2. Open Driving, open to singles and multiples
3. Show Drive and Concours d'Elegance Driving Championship
4. Long Reining, open to singles and multiples

Ring 2: Judge: Carrie Woolley

12.00 am - 3.00 pm
12. Donkey Agility Inhand
13. Donkey Agility Long Reined

LUNCH BREAK Ring 1: Judge Miss Jade Weaver

Commencing 2.00 pm
5. Family Donkey
6. Best Condition and Turnout
7. Stallions
8. Geldings aged 4 years and over
9. Yearlings, 2 & 3 year old colts, fillies and geldings
10. Mare 4 years and over with or without foal at foot
In-hand Championship from classes 7, 8, 9 & 10
11. Best Local Donkey
Best Dressed Competitor

LUNCH BREAK Ring 2: Judge: Mr Chris Almond

Commencing 2.00pm
Dressage Test all classes: Click here
14. Dressage in-hand
15. Dressage long reined

Long Reining Championship from
Classes 4,13 & 15